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Does anyone know why there seems to be sales tax on everything all of a sudden? Literally yesterday nothing I was looking at had sales tax and now almost every item has it, including the items I looked at yesterday that didn’t have it before. It seems to be about 10%.
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Its because of the new hold for pickup they put in place. If you do cash buys, you dont have to pay taxes. I'm a business, so I have to pay taxes to my state every quarter, so my prices reflect that already.
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Ah okay interesting thanks. I’m only looking at shipping items though. Do you know why they would’ve change if for shipping as well? Just odd that it happened quite literally overnight.
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Hello @Emma111! Welcome to the community!


You are correct about the sales tax requirement being new. Recent changes in sales tax laws in some states require OfferUp (and other online marketplaces) to collect and remit sales tax on certain sales. 


For shipped items

We determine the sales tax rate based on the ship-to address of the buyer. If your ship-to address is in one of the states below, we will collect and remit sales tax on your shipped purchase.


For items picked up in person

The sales tax for an in-person transaction is based on the location where the item was posted. You should note that OfferUp does not collect taxes on sales that are paid in cash or through an off-platform payment service, so if sales or use taxes are due on such sales, you will need to manage that yourself. 


This is just a brief summary of the changes, but we do have a Help Center article that goes over this in more detail.  


I hope this helps - let me know if you have any questions!

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Good to know, thank you! My state (California) is not on that list, but I’m still seeing it on listings. Do you know why that might be? Thanks again!
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In my state of NJ clothing under $110 is not taxable. Why then is offer up now collecting taxes on used clothing that was already taxed when purchased new? Something is wrong here.
Sounds like a money grab to me. Majority of items sold are used and sales tax has already been paid on them.
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I am in California tried to gst N item from Florida, with sales tax added
What up with this BS by Offerup.
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I will start doing pick up only and bypass all the junk you guys require. Not your fault. There is always a way to avoid taxes. Thanks.
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I live in Washington and sold some items last night. The gal used your app to pay me. The transaction was charged sale tax but it took the tax out of my items and reduced my payment! But did charge her for the sale tax. I don't get it?!!! Why did my payment get reduced by the sales tax? And now I have to wait 5 days before the payment shows up in my bank account? Really?!!!!! And why are you charging sale tax when that has already been paid? I didn't ship it either. I'm going to be sure to tell people NOT to pay thru your app. Just f***ing stupid!!!!