Same user with 7 different accounts!

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That's right!

I found the a user with 7 different OfferUp accounts. It's not one person with individual accounts. It's literally the same person using 7 accounts to post same exact phones. Same titles. Same descriptions. Same images. Same banner picture. Same phone number provided. Same location / address in the profile.

This user has a phone store and is constantly posting duplicated ads in the Cell Phones category. His images are zoomed in by a few pixels, then screenshotted so OfferUp would not detect them as the same ad.

His descriptions are exactly the same and has a list of all the phones so they manipulate search results since he has all phones listed so if anyone searches for a phone, his ad shows up on top because he has it listed in the top of his descriptions.

This user has 7 different accounts!!! He is hogging the cell phones category and I am unable to sell my phone because of this. I get that he is trying to make money but that doesn't mean he is allowed to spam and post the same ads over and over and overrrr.

OfferUp automatically deleted the ads with same images so this user zooms into the picture and screenshots so it counts as a new picture and then uploads it with same descriptions and titles. I can proof and send the links to anyone that wants directly since OfferUp doesn't allow me to post links here.

Please help and tag all the admins. We need to take a stand against this user. I can send you guys the direct link to this guy's profile. I don't want to expose anyone's privacy so I won't openly say the name. @Elin @Hotrod
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Did they delete his accounts?
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~Ciao´ @Darkknight
Believe Admin only checks in periodically on weekends.
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Will See... @ Darkknight
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No, all of his accounts are still up. It's ridiculous how not even a single admin bothered to check up on this.
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If in your shoes.. would feel same!
Maybe more employees to help the tremendous growth would suffice, OfferUp ⁉ Ty
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Ugh... I’m sorry. I might have put a person up for sale bc they did the same thing... I also might have got in trouble for it 😂
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@Darkknight let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

Darkknight first as a user like yourself and not an admin, and as for Elin I can’t comment for her she’s not available to comment,
I’ll be glad to add my thoughts.
that being said, I understand your frustration, I spend one and a half hours every day myself reporting posts in the OfferUp selling app, that violate OfferUp guidelines in my local area. It’s like you said Darkknight, it’s not the same person it’s probably multiple usernames could be family members - friends - employees working in stores posting the same items over and over again. please continue to report if you see anyone violating OfferUp guidelines so the OfferUp team can look into issues and take the appropriate actions. also I’m glad you didn’t add the person name because that’s against OfferUp Community forum guidelines. see you around the forum.😎🇬🇧🔚
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Thanks for the welcome.

Trust me, I know this store and it is the same person posting them. There is only one person that works in this store. No family member. No employee. No friends.

He is aware of the policies and has gotten his ads removed multiple times yet he continues to post duplicated ads. If you want, I can prove it to you by sending you the links to the same post. Same title. Same description. Same images. Just different accounts.
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@Darkknight please read the OfferUp Community guidelines below before posting this kind of information In the OfferUp Community forum. If you feel someone is violating the OfferUp guidelines please report that person through their posts. or contact customer care. I’ve also added both the Community forum guidelines and the OfferUp seller app guidelines as well as the OfferUp posting rules. I’m also tag @Mj_206 Community Manager so she’s aware of this issue. 😎🇬🇧🔚

Edit; OfferUp Customer care

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