Same user with 7 different accounts!

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Thank you @Hotrod. As far as I know, he is going against the rules.

I'm sure you know more about this than I do. So can you check each link I provided and tell me whether he is violating the terms or not. Also, to answer your question, I have already reported his accounts but no actions were taking. I heard if you report too many accounts, OfferUp blocks your account so that's why I was bringing attention to this through here rather than reporting his profile.

Oh and surprise surprise! He created another account. Here is the link to it.

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@Darkknight Your Violating the OfferUp community forum guidelines by posting links in your previous posts here in the forum. I’ve given you the information in my previous posts what to do. again when you get time please read the guidelines. 😎🇬🇧🔚

Posting links to someone’s OfferUp account details, and other personal information - Content meant to drive traffic to other sites, or -> advertising of any products <-
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Oh my bad. Where exactly does it say you're not allowed to post links. Does it specify that you're not allowed to post links to specific profiles? Because you also posted links:

"Community Standards/Guidelines:&nbsp;&nbsp;

Posting Rules:&nbsp;

Online Community/Forums:

Community Guidelines:&nbsp;"
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I'm not calling you out or anything. Just wondering so I know not to post links for next time. Thanks for understanding!
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Hi everyone!


Admin update - I removed some links and posts that were in violation. We do not allow users to directly link to other accounts, as we are a national forum. This is addressed here


Reporting users through the forums is not the correct way to report, and will not get a quicker response. These forums are in place so that users can help other users out. Reporting a user here on the forums will not get a quicker answer than going through the proper channels. The Customer Care team has access to different tools than I do, and they are the correct team to report these issues to. 


Please let me know if you have any questions. 


"When should I post on the forums? 
Just about anytime! Smiley Happy There are a few exceptions to that rule of course, but not many. These forums are designed in a way where they can be a tool for you - our most passionate community members - to network, connect with other OfferUp users, and maybe even make a friend. Bounce your ideas off fellow community members, get creative and collaborative… there are so many successful OfferUp users that post on here so take advantage of their knowledge. We all want to be successful buyers and sellers, after all!


When should I avoid posting on these forums?

While we love seeing new members, posts, and threads, we do ask that all conversations related to the same topic stay within one thread. This keeps the conversation going, with all the feedback in one centralized place that we can easily reference. If there is already a thread on the topic you want to discuss, instead of creating a new thread just respond to the existing one. You should also avoid posting any personal information - not your own, not as a joke, and you should definitely never post another community members info under any circumstances. Not even a link to their profile.


Did you have a bad experience with another community member through the app?

We're here for you Smiley Happy You'll first want to report any community member that doesn't follow our Posting RulesCommunity Guidelines, or Prohibited Items Guideline. Once the report has been initiated, the Customer Care team will be able to assist you with any next steps. I used to be on the Customer Care team and let me tell you - they are a great group of people who are incredibly passionate about helping you."

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Thank you MJ! Sorry, I wasn't aware of those policies. Now, that we are clear, I have already reported the user but their profiles are still up. He keeps posting same duplicated ads day and night and even created 2 more new accounts. Is there a way I can send you the links directly and you can get them checked for a quicker process or do I have to keep waiting hopelessly?

Thanks for your time. Sorry once again!! @Mj_206
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Unfortunately, there isn't anything I can really do to speed up the process as the Customer Care team handles these reports. I do know that they try to respond ASAP! 

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IKR! There’s a seller in my area that posts the same stale ads every single day for all her items that didn’t sell the day before. I suppose she archives every day and creates new ones so they are bumped to the top of the feed. Now we are all here to get rid of stuff and/or make money but at some point you gotta ask yourself: is it worth all this trouble every single day (for MONTHS) to try and sell this $4
item or is it time to throw it away or donate it.
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you should look at it from buyers prespective, as a buyer, it makes it easy to find right item for the right price. By paying small offer up fee, your listings also can be in front pages and offer up ofers you that option.