Says ship but seller does not??

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Seems to be alot of sellers listing items as shippable but they do not want or offer not sure if they are confused or if they just decide not too..but it sure is irritating when you offer full price for item and they reply pick up only..but they have it posted on the shipping section of the site..🤔🤔
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That or they changed their mind.

I'm assuming they don't read the fine print and simply choose the weight of the package when prompted, before the post goes live.

It's as simple as unticking the shipping option on the last tab ☑

It will give a noticeable error if you proceed without agreeing.
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Hi @Pose0543 I agree with @goblin ,but i dont know if its laziness or not,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i think maybe some people just dont see the shipping thing and that its checked and they move on and then just like goblin said click on a box for the weight to move through and get their item posted,,,,,,,,,,,,i believe this because i see a lot of stuff in the shipping section that is way too big to ship ,,,,,and like paint that is illegal to send thru us postal,,,,,,,,,,i think maybe offerup should uncheck the box,,,,,,and let the seller check it,,,,,,,,so pose,,,,,,since shipping is new,,,,,,,,dont be too hard on the seller because of it,,,,,,,but might be worth explaining to any sellers you run into that they need  to uncheck that shipping thing when they post,,,,,,,,,they may not understand

They give us the option to decide if we want to ship or not and I well honesty admit if I go to someones prolife and they are new, no feedback, and only have a e-mail on file with no other confirmation of who they are Im not shipping because a person could be using a stolen card and sellers are not always protected
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That's a good point @Pose0543. I know some have been disadisappointed with some shipping situations. Maybe people are getting cold feet?
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@Pose0543 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum.