Scam on OfferUp shipping

Level 1
This person with the account name Larry Griffin from CA is trying to scam me by sending an item entirely different from what i ordered. i made an order of a macbook pro and he sent a scrap of a samsung tablet which he already knew before the item got delivered coming up with a excuse that he MISTAKENLY sent the wrong item. He then sent another tracking number asking me to wait while it get to me, at this point i’ve had enough with the BS... The new tracking number was sent to a different address. i just want my refund.
Kindly check his account, as he has already posted same item he sold to me again to scam people that have no idea. be watchful folks
Level 9
So sorry that happened
It is a common scam. It appears he was hoping to buy time and you wouldnt be able to file a dispute.
Hopefully others will see this and file without waiting for second bogus tracking. Its always best to file, if legit mistake another transaction could take place Separately for the seller to make it right. But always dispute any errors or scams