Scammed for XO tickets upon arriving the had said the ticket had been scaned throughout the night

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This happens often when the person sells the ticket he then calls the venue for a new ticket, saying he lost it or he never got the tickets in the mail. If you do buy tickets try to meet them at the venue or take a picture of their ID for security reasons in case he does scam you, you can find him and get your money back. In the future buy from a certified ticket service. Good luck.
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You bought these in person?
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I had two attempts at scamming in the past week, each was a person interested in purchasing an item and then setting up payment by a bank cashiers check , and they would include money for their mover who would pick up the item , they kept delaying and finally I received the check by usps, when I looked st the check it was for far more than the price agreed on , I did some investigating and called the company on the check , it was an Architecture firm in Washington , I asked them about the check , I was told it was their check, however I was not the person the check was sent to , they told me they had been hacked , I reported it to the police , today I received a very similar offer for something else, they are easy to notice, they use all caps and their grammar is bad. In essence if I had agreed to pay the “mover” the check would have been returned and I would have been out a good deal of money plus my Item .