Level 1
Hi i have been a buyer and seller on Offerup for several years. I was just recently the victim of an elaborate scam and would like the assitance of offerup to get my hard earned money back. I have already filed a police report and buyer protection claim. I purchased 3 items from the seller total i am still waiting on the other two which i am confident will also be a fraud. I purchased 3 lots of sealed vintage pokemon card booster packs each listing was for 10 sealed packs and i bought three listing in all i paid over $1320.00 dollars total. The seller sent the items i recieved 1 but as soon as i saw the package i knew it was a scam the package shape in no way appeared to be what i bought. When i opened the package it.contained 2 junk mail magazines. It was also sent by someone with a different name than the seller and to a different address which was not mine and instead of my name it so to current resident. Apparently this is a known scam even to USPS. I bought pokemon packs not magazines clearly a item not described case. I even took a video of myself opening the package and showing the magazines contained inside i reached out to the seller who tried to deny it and told me to take it up with USPS and denied my refund request. But rhe packages i recieved both match the tracking numbers provided by the seller on offerup. I have screenshotted all the chats between us as well as the packages before and after opening. I am also in contact with 2 other buyers of the same product from the same seller who also recieved magazines to a different address then theirs. I would like to speak with an offerup associate to resolve this swiftly and escalate if necessary. I would also to prevent any other buyers from falling victim to this scam. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Level 5
Sorry this happened. The scamming bastards have gotten devious. I would immediately call PayPal or your credit card company and inform them of the scam, provide all documentation and do a disputed charge and a chargeback. You should be covered in protection for the buyer.