I recently tried purchasing an item on OfferUp. OfferUp charged me for the item and now seller does not want to meet up. Now imagine trusting an app paying for something and receiving it. What should i do to either get my money back or the item ?
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Im confused with your statement @MichelLavaud as you stated
(1) tried to purchse an item
(2) OU charged you for the item
(3) Seller does not want to meet up

OU charge seller for selling BUT you said seller doesn't want to meet up.

Are you saying you gave the seller money ( with what? Paypal? ) first then arranged to meet?

Doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
Ok this is what happened !

I wanted to get the PS4 slim console on OfferUp. I found a good deal and then proceeded by paying for it on the app via Applepay. I then requested to meet with seller to get the console using the app as well, now seller does not want to meet up. OfferUp charged me 220$. Now im without a console and down 220$. How do i get the seller to meet and give me what i purchased or have OfferUp refund me my money ?

@MichelLavaud  You used the OfferUp "hold" option. Make contact with offerup here and you should get a refund. BTW, if you and the buyer do not meet within 3 days of the initial "hold" deposit, then the transaction is automatically cancelled and by default, your money should be released back into your ApplPay account.