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So my husband was very naive when purchasing a “brand new apple watch” yesterday. User posted his listing as “shipping available” in KY but his profile says he’s from Cincinnati, OH (my husband didn’t notice until after.) So fast forward the guy says he can send the money through Cash app (red flag) and when he does he will ship it out and send him the tracking number. That was at 6 am yesterday. The guy then blocked my husband so the conversation got deleted and obviously scammed him out of the money. His account is still up and has been reported, its a long shot since it was my husbands fault but is there ANYTHING we can do to get our money back?
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Cincinnati is very near the Kentucky border, so there's nothing strange about the item location and seller's location. But anybody who is asking you to pay for shipping outside of the OfferUp app is a scammer. You will not be able to get your money back. Buy locally and pay in cash.