Scammers up to new tricks

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Just an FYI for everyone out there the scammers in my area have started photoshopping true you Credentials on their ads and their photos The scams are always easy to spot saying they can't receive Messages so please email them at blank Please report these posts whenever you see them
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Yeah if sellers ever reply.
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As always...
Appreciate the heads-up on this new trick. These "Tricksters" will always desire the most coveted Profiles--trying to fool the unsuspecting "Newbies". So glad this Community has members, that take the time to keep others informed! Ciao´ 😉
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Almost got scammed! Phone number is from Los Angeles! The guy says he’s going to give me a certified check for the sofa and extra for his movers! This would total 1,800 dollars and the sofa is 500 dollars. The check is fake looking, with a Garden and Gun Hesder. Nothing certified about it! SCAM ALERT
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It’s amazing how many different tricks they play. Use common sense and everyone will be ok. Remember, If it sounds to good to be true then it isn’t.