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@C-Hawks you are no different than many other newbies that seem to spend their time wining about scammers instead of doing something about them! I have seen scammers that I reported disappear in minutes. Sure they can create a new profile and try again, but if people quit falling for their scams they they would disappear. Maybe if you and others did more reporting and less wining we could get rid of these scammers. But I guess its more fun to complain and act like a know it all!

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You can avoid 90 percent of scammers by not shipping and only meeting in person. A lot less nonsense and tomfoolery this way.
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I'm confused how they can scam you isn't PayPal a safe way to get paid can you explain how it went wrong I'm very concerned because multiple people have offered me more than I am asking and wanted to use PayPal I was concerned because they offered higher than I'm asking so I'm trying to find out what this PayPal thing is
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How do I accept $ in the app?
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@Samm_775   Only way to get cash is to meet the person at a meetup point that you and the person decide on. They inspect the item and if they like it, you take the cash and they take the item. Deal done.

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Indeed. This is the only way I sell. Non negotiable