Sell items on pc browser


Hello, I noticed a few days ago I was able to post from pc browser, now I tried again and don't work anymore... Any idea?

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It's a feature that some people have been asking for.

Either it was a glitch or they are testing it.

The link was like: , if I remember... So there's no way to post ads on browser?

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As far as I know, there isnt a way to post on the website. Since this is app based, it is suggested posting on the app.

I want to post on browser but it won't allow me to do that.... but my friend can post directly from browser, he also sent me this

@Joe_128   The browser posting option is NOT available to all users, as it is still in the beta/testing phase.


Ok, thank you for reply. Is there anything I can do to activate this option to my account ?