Seller Protection while shipping

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I'm well aware that OfferUp has a robust and thoroughly outlined buyer protection service during transactions involving shipped items. But what does OfferUp do for the seller? 


I've read the entry in the help/FAQ section:

"Sellers on OfferUp are not only protected by our policies and partnerships, but also by our world-class fraud detection, automation, machine learning, and data models" 

Anyone else think this is extremely vague? What policies? What partnerships? What will OfferUp do for the seller in the case of a fraudulent buyer? 


I'm currently in the process of trying to convince a seller to ship their item using the OfferUp service. They want to use Venmo. (I'm obviously not going to do that)


They claim that they've been cheated before using the OfferUp system in a case where they shipped a product as described, and a fraudulent buyer exploited the buyer protection system and claimed otherwise, recieved the item, and disappeared (leaving the seller cashless and item-less). Which, of course, is the perfect sob-story to tell if you happen to be a fraudulent seller. 


But let me know if you think there's anyway I can convince this seller to use OfferUp's system.

Or if you could tell me exactly what actions OfferUp will take in the case of a fraudulent buyer.

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I too was wondering this. Currently have a Macbook pro for sale for 450 and don't wanna get scammed? What steps should I take and what steps will offerup take to protect me from fraudulent buyers?
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I’m currently in the process of asking their customer support, but they keep giving me information about buyer protection despite me explicitly saying that I already understand that they have a solid system. It’d be nice to hear from a moderator here!
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@Lapua @Elin @quang @MJ_207 can I get your sage advice up in this jawn
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Understood. But eh it’d be nice if they could “OfferUp” a little more. thanks for your response
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I only sell locally, but I have a friend who uses many online selling sites and she mails out her products within the U.S.
Right now she is getting very frustrated at the number of buyers who contact her many days after they receive the mailed item demanding a refund for little to no reason. She notices this happens with the clothes she sells. She has sold pretty cocktail dresses that were in very good condition and is annoyed that people are pulling this nonsense on her all the time. She believes that the people were only buying her dresses for an upcoming event and returning it after the event was over. Couldn't these people go to one of those dress/gown rental stores or a consignment shop. There are other options available rather than driving sellers crazy. There should be a solid seller protection plan available, but sadly sites like ebay seem to always favor the buyer when it comes to refunds. It has been mentioned here that there should be a buyer reliability rating for no shows, but what about buyers who are always asking for refunds. What they are doing is abusive and the seller has to suffer a no sale, shipping fees, as well as possibly having their product returned in damaged condition thus losing any chance of selling the product in the future. What a headache. Once again, I am not talking about someone who asks for a refund, but one who is abusive by constantly asking for a refund on everything they buy. These are not real buyers and it should be noted how often they ask for refunds through a buyer reliability system sellers can see. This will put an end to this behavior, and making the selling experience much more productive.
Venmo does not offer buyer or seller protection! I have people asking to use this all the time. Its for friends, family and people you know and trust. Do not let people try and talk you into using this.
Zelle is another one I get asked to use all the time and it also does not offer fraud protection for buyers or sellers on its transactions.
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I had that same problem when selling on eBay. I ended up closing my account. Wasn't worth the hassle. Now I have something up for sale here and a buyer wants me to ship it to them. Super hesitant about doing that though.
@Cnm it's always part of any online site as none of them are compleatly perfect. The one thing with Offerup is they have always been there when I needed them to help me. Most all of my sales here are shipped. Shipping is a major part of selling and I would be sitting on alot of items if I wasn't able to ship.