Seller Protection while shipping

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I sold and shipped an item for $270 on offer up. After I sent the item via USPS using the shipping label provided by offer up. The seller canceled the order, and deactivated their account. I can not believe offer up would even allow a buyer to just cancel an order after I had sent it. This is so wrong on many levels. I really hope these guys actually get back to me on this. Not just send me an automated email, then never reach out. I am 100% willing to file a claim in CA, and or WA small claims court if this is not resolved in a timely matter.
@Straube this is something that needed to be fixed asap of the Offerup app. I kind of had the same problem. It says at the end of the receipt that a person can cancel BEFORE the item is shipped but mine was also canceled after the item was scanned. I'm sorry to hear this is still happening as no one should be able to cancel after the item is shipped.
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If they deactivated their account after the item was shipped, this shouldn't impact your payment. When they made the offer, their card was charged right then, and starts to route to you. If they try to "pull a fast one" and close their account, their account will permanently be removed, but you'll still get paid out @Straube.

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Everything i find is about Buyers protection but not seller protection. I have a buyer who claims she received the shipped items broken, yet they were wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap plus added cushioning. How do i know the buyer isn't trying to scam me? Can they return the item? Any information anyone can provide is greatly appreciated..... 

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Was there any follow up on this matter? This is scaring me into not wanting to ship anymore.
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OfferUp is going to have to swallow its gloated pride and realize it really needs to make significant upgrades if it expects buyers to trust their services.As it is,the "hold till its sold"(sellers keeping items posted,but state they have an waiting list of people) regime given to the sellers benefit of doubt,is just one reason.Another issue of concern is how sellers are listed in an certain town,which reflects & shows up in the " everything near me" local catagory,yet when you click on the item, one then sees the member is from 3 states away or across the country.Pretty easy to do if one shuts off their location settings,and never update profiles,Which is reflective of OfferUp slacking on tech & I.T. to save funds, & poor administrative regimes altogether.If an simple alert or delete system cant get initiated for ads that are 1,2 yrs old and still posted then seller never responds or claims they can no longer locate the item,then buyers are surely going to remain untrusting of such slack protocols.
@NavyGuy if its so bad why are you still here? Go to another site. I never click on anything locally that comes up three states away unless I click on the items that are available to ship. Ummm that's kind of the point because they can ship.
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just reported an OfferUp seller that advertised to ship,then lots of blahblahs,and she didnt know this or that,and just an bunch of garbage subsequent to offer.Also many offerup profiles listed as locally are not.both of which,msgs were turned over for review.Constructive critics for updated features are usually hounded by those with less enthusiasm or those who dont or wont put efforts into much more than negative critics of the person suggesting said improvements.Have nice day.
I have no idea what you just said but I've not heard anyone say their local search is comming up 3 states away. Maybe you live in a rural area and no one selling so your local is states away...I'm not sure how that's the fault of Offerup..😵
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Did you hear from them? Has this situation been resolved?