Seller Protection

Level 1
So Ive Sold & Bought On The App Several Times. However Im New To Selling Something Thru Shipping. Heres My Concern, Today In This World Many Sellers Are Scammed By Buyers. Whether They Lie & Say The Item Is Broke,Wrong Item Or Say They Never Got The Item. So My Concern Is Me Selling Something Online. And Of These Scenarios Happen. So Whats The Protection For The Seller In This Case?
Why Happens When The Item Is Delivered & Lost/Stolen? Do I Still Get Paid ? Whats Happening?

What Happens If Buyer Claims Wrong Product Or Broken Item? My Thing Is These Scams Happen Everyday & The Sellers Always Take The Hit. So Am I Protected In Anyway. Ive I Show Prove The Item Was Packed Safely & The Item Was Indeed InnBox & Show Proof Taking To Post Office & Weighing. Is That Enough Proof? Whats Happening Here. Because If Theres A Chance Im Gonna Take A Loss Because Of A Scammer. I Rather Sell Locally Than Ship

@Jaycutler There is no "seller protection" program like OU's "buyer protection" when shipping.