Seller cancelled sale and blocked me

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I'm tired of all these flaky sellers. An item that I assumed was already shipped a week ago(I buy a lot of video game stuff and don't keep up on it all), was cancelled. I can't see the item anymore, I can not message and ask why it was cancelled. This is really frustrating. I can't even leave bad feedback or anything because I completely can't even find the seller! Really frustrated.
Level 9
Not 100% sure here but that almost sounds like the seller's account got banned
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That may be true. OfferUp needs to offer some kind of penalty on all these sellers that accept an offer for the listing price and then cancel it because they realize it's worth a few dollars more. I've had so many items I've paid for and then they cancel giving some lame excuse and I see it back up and listed for more money not two minutes later. There is nothing I can do about it but take it on the chin. That's low and shows a lack of character in sellers and I block them and never buy from them again but there is no penalty for them. Other sites have safeguards in place that once an item is sold it can't be canceled or it affects your seller rating.
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IMO... @Smills694
This is a fair penalty--like the suggestion: not to be able to unmark a SOLD item. Maybe, after a certain allotted time frame? Ty Smiley Happy