Seller got me twice with buying a item and never shipped and I never received my refund

Level 1
A seller had a flashlight called a M3 and it was $35 with shipping
. I paid the 35 and the order was canceled because it wasn't shipped in 6 days. He then told me he was away and would ship it that very day if i wanted to buy it again. So I did and he said he was on his way to the post office which he never did. After 4 days he cancelled the order after I threatened him to report him to offer up. The biggest problem is this was all weeks ago and I never received either refund. I should have 2 $35 refunds and I never received any and there is no history in my profile of ne having paid this seller twice. There's nothing at al it's all deleted.
Level 9
Even though it may be deleted from your end, I'm fairly certain chat logs are cached server side.

Have you reached out to support?