Seller never got my payment

Seller never received payment and is going to see lawyer! I need to speak with someone! My credit card was charged on 10-30-18 and now it’s 11-13-18
@Jackis the seller needs to contact customer support. The seller could have not entered the correct information on Offerup
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Rest assured, it also has nothing to do with you. That's on Offerup. You made your payment as agreed.
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The seller is also within the payout timeframe. Especially if it wasn't shipped on the day of purchase.
@RevivalGypsy you're right! I just noticed that also.
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I'm having the same issue ,seller has contacted offerup several times with no response ,I order the product on the 8th of December and it shipped on the 11th of December it's now January I rated the product on the 26th of Dec and still nothing says transaction pending