Seller not getting paid?

What am I supposed to do? @Mj_206

It’s has been exactly 2 weeks since the product was dropped off to be shipped. 10 days in since my customer has had the product in hand. And 7 days since I got my notification that my money would be in my account within 1-2 business days? I want to speak with a human and for my money to be posted. You guys were quick to take my customers money, oh and my 10% of my sale. So where’s my money?
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I was gonna ship 150 dollars worth of items and this has me scared now
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That is not right. You should take legal action if you were not paid for your items. A seller does not have to use OfferUp to ship their items to a buyer.

@BrittaHart28 I wouldn’t do. I’ll never do another shipping transaction on here again. Doing them in person is guaranteed cash in hand.