Seller not responding to messages

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I had a transaction and purchase a bag from her. I sent two separate payments one on PayPal and I cashapp the seller $100 as seller told me that she didn’t have money to ship the item. Seller promised to upload tracking information and I have sent her messages with no replies. She reads the messages but never respond. What’s my next step?

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Report her to OU. And get your money back from the external apps or go to your bank.
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@marthabez828 I'm sorry to hear about this! Definitely report this other user and see if Cash app is able to refund you. In the future, we recommend only shipping items or purchasing shipped items through the OfferUp Shipping feature. This way you can take advantage of our Buyer Protection.

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I tried reporting user but I don’t understand how it works. I tried following instructions but I am having difficulties reporting. I was able to contact PayPal but it’s difficult with Cashapp

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I am on it; thank you so much. All she has to do is respond but she’s not and as a seller you should be able to respond especially when you took someone’s money.
@marthabez828 let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

marthabez828 I’m also sorry this happened to you. just a heads up it’s against OfferUp guidelines to post other members account information. that being said here’s the OfferUp customer care link below,

OfferUp Customer care
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Thank you for the info
No problem @marthabez828 hope everything works out for you. 😎🇬🇧🔚