Seller protection?anyone know if seller is protected when shipping to buyer?

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Hi @Zoni123 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
Are you talking about shipping through the OfferUp shipping that’s being tested in some areas? If so here’s the information below, but remember this is just shipping through the OfferUp shipping they are testing it’s not for shipping with other shipping companies. Hope this answers your question. if this doesn’t answer your question I would contact the OfferUp customer support team.

Buyer protection on OfferUp
Last updated January 2, 2018
How buyer protection works
When an item is paid for and shipped using OfferUp systems, the buyer may be protected for certain issues up to $500 of the payment made, as we describe in this document.
How OfferUp payments work
What is covered
* When shipping through the OfferUp app and one of the following apply:
* Seller fails to ship the item
* Undisclosed damage
* Incorrect or missing item
* Item not as described, including undisclosed damage
If the item hasn’t shipped within 3 business days of payment, the buyer’s payment may be cancelled, and their funds are returned to the method used to pay.
The buyer’s payment is held until the transaction is complete. The transaction is considered complete if the buyer rates the seller, or if no buyer protection claim is made within a 3-day period after item delivery. At that point, the payment is released to the seller.
Once the payment has been released to the seller, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.
What isn’t covered
* Item doesn’t fit or the buyer doesn’t like it
* Prohibited items
* Purchases made in cash or through payment or shipping systems outside of OfferUp
How to use buyer protection
1. Within 3 days of receiving the item, use the Contact Us button at the bottom of this article, and enter your reason for using buyer protection.
2. OfferUp will review the request and take corresponding action. OfferUp reserves the right to deny requests.
3. On approval, OfferUp will provide return instructions, and the buyer will handle the item accordingly.
4. OfferUp will issue a refund up to $500 in the original form of payment.

Selling and shipping nationwide
Last updated November 2, 2017
To help sellers be even more successful, and to satisfy more buyers, OfferUp is testing ways to enable sellers to ship items to buyers across the United States. 
To qualify for shipping, items must weigh less than 20lbs, be smaller than 108 inches in length + girth, and be offered for sale at less than $500. Sellers are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding mailing. Please see the USPS shipping restrictions webpage for more information.
Buyers are responsible for paying for shipping, and sellers are responsible for paying a nationwide listing fee. Both shipping and listing fees can vary, so the amounts are shown in the app for each item.
How shipping works
The local buying and selling experience doesn’t change, but sellers now have the option to also make their items available nationwide, using ground shipping through the US Postal Service.
1. When a seller posts an item, they can choose Sell and ship nationwide.
2. OfferUp buyers across the US can see the item, and that it can be shipped to them.
3. The buyer chooses Ship to me, then pays the sale price plus a shipping fee through the app using OfferUp payments.
4. The buyer enters a shipping-to address, and the seller enters a shipping-from address.
5. The seller gets a pre-paid, printable USPS shipping label by email, packages the item securely, and gives it to the US Postal Service.
6. When the buyer receives the package, they have 3 days to evaluate it. When the buyer accepts the item, the seller gets their payment minus the fee for showing nationwide. The seller can then move their money to their bank account.
So far, shipping on OfferUp is only a test. We’d love to hear what you think!
Shipping is subject to the OfferUp Terms of Service.
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@Hotrod thanks for the useful and helpful information. As a ebay seller, I always take precautions while shipping my item ( take pictures/video of the item, including serial numbers). But How is a seller protected against - buyers remorse? Buyer receives an item - everything is as described and works fine, but couple days later - buyer finds same item for cheaper price and states that item is not as decribed and has an issue. What can a seller do in situation like that? @Elin or any OU mods if you can chime in it will be helpful.
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I need help w/ an issue! I sold & shipped AirPods through the shipping method here on offerup but the buyer opened a claim saying “the item was damaged or not as described” well that was over 2 weeks ago & the last email I received just stated a claim was open & funds will be delayed.. well how long will that take? What’s the next step?
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My question is im a seller can a buyer cancel there order after i packaged it up and its already in the middle of its destination.? And if a buyer receives the item i sent him or her and there not. Happy if they are refuned or dont have to pay. How does the seller get there merchandise back. Who has to PAY to ship the item back to the seller if the buyer is unhappy. How dost this. Work. I #3 question if a buyey is u happy and file a complaint will i the seller be informed threw offer up messaging that the buyer is filing an issue. ?
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No, you are not. There is a complete disregard of seller's protection policy guidelines. According to seller's protection policy there are a few clearly described circumstances under which buyer can return the shipped product. But in my case, a buyer from CA purchased an item without a single question or concern, and one day later returned it without a single sentence or explanation. I have tried all the channels at offerup to get any proof or explanation since the item I sent matched the picture and description on the list, and did not violate any rules. But offer up processed an immediate refund to the customer and sent me a letter just saying that customer is not satisfied with the purchase. Do not ship with offer up.

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Completely agree with this statement do not sell any items of value there is zero seller protection.
I sold an item. buyer tampered with it my guess swapped out parts then submitted a claim which was upheld by offer up I'm done using this service!!!