Seller refuses to ship purchased item

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I paid for a T-Mobile gear S sm-r750t from a guy name kenny 2/8 it's going on the 12th and he still has not shipped. I believe he's trying to scam me because he wanted me to pay him western union. I declined, we agreed on $50 I paid $55 because he said offerUp was keeping some of the money. Then I even offered to cash app him $10 more dollars to put the watch in the mail still not shipped
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I say report him to Offer up. Offerup will cancel the transaction after a few days of it not being shipped. In the meantime, I would look for a new item to buy.
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Way to go... staying within the OfferUp payment system!
Buyer Protection will be put into place to reimburse you.
Much success!
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I have reported him to offerup, I don't think I'll be using this app/site no more to until it is able to fix its issues w/ buyers & sellers as in regards to shipping. It's just a waste of time and money the whole process
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Tell your bank.

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In my experience, requests for Western Union are always a scam
If no usps scan by tomorrow it should cancel automatically. Definitely report this user. Dont block until after the refund is in your bank though. Transaction will disappear from your view once you block
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Goodluck with getting your money lol
This shipped platform from offer up is a scam. All these moderators or helper on here ain’t gonna help you much, they just repeat themselves lol and costumer service are a bunch of robots. I’ve been thru it and never will use the shipping service on here, PayPal is the way to go.
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I see that now offerUp is 1 big scam