Seller requesting refund

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Sold a framed painting yesterday. Buyer asked if it was an original, but didn’t say they only wanted an original. I said I thought it was (because it was on canvas, but I wasn’t sure and didn’t say it was, but did use the term “oil painting” in the description). When we met, the buyer looked it over asked how old it was then paid me. Today I get a msg that they checked it out and it’s not an original and that they only wanted an original, which they didn’t say up front and I didn’t claim it was.
What should I do?
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I normally work on no refunds after meeting is done because the buyer can easily swap it out with something else. I would proceed with caution however. Refunding a person that you met in person is up to you.
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Penelope looks like the buyer was thinking it was an original. from your response saying you thought it was (because it was on canvas, after the buyer asked if it was an original). I also, normally work on no refunds after a meeting is done like aidenholley said. but it looks like it could be a misunderstanding on both sides. if this was me I would take it back if there’s no damage to the item.😎🇬🇧🔚
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No refund. The fact that neither you nor the buyer knows art well enough to determine if an item is an original or replica is irrelevant. Buyer probably thought they were getting something for nothing and now has buyer's remorse for buying an ordinary wall hanging. It was their decision to purchase after inspecting it in person and no rational person should be expecting to buy real artwork on OfferUp. This is something you do at a museum or gallery. If it were me, they would be stuck with it.