Seller's Account Deactivated after Purchase!

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Hi everyone!

So, I have been an avid OfferUp user for local purchases/sales (over 100+ sales and 50+ purchases), but typically didn't dabble with shipping much. I found a user that had a cheap MacBook Pro (who also had a number of reviews and prior sales), who which auto-accepted my full-price offer of 500+30 shipping.


The label for said item was created, but then a few hours later their account was deactivated, thus barring me from leaving feedback or opening a buyer's protection claim. I created a ticket via OfferUp iOS application with the transaction ID ahead of time, in case of any funny business (i.e. the box they ship has rocks in it, and after two days pass my funds are released from escrow).


Thanks in advance for any advice for dealing with this!

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Having the same issue. I assume from the same person as they had multiple MacBooks up for sale! I sent OfferUp a message explaining the situation and was told I'd receive a confirmation email but I have not received one yet. Obviously we should be refunded and it's a non-issue. So annoying with all of the scammers on here.
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Welcome first of all! So glad you posted this SCAM. There must be a way to track this jerk. My suggestion is to thoroughly read all topics related to shipping where related links may address this! You can also contact the OU Link for customer support. However, it sounds like you're much more savvy on what to do than I am at this point. I'd be interested to know what you feel like a solution could be so as others will know how to handle this if that happens to them Best of luck to you. @L11