Seller scammed me with wrong item

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I ordered an iPhone Xr 64 ge in red color. The pictures of phone was posted with all the details. I even asked the seller regarding any issues or is a locked device. The seller told me that it is her old phone and it’s unlocked. I placed an offer through this app. I received a total different phone. An iPhone 6s Plus cracked was shipped which does not even turn on. No signs of xr. I have requested the refund through the buyer’s protection program. But the seller has not replied ever after shipping the device. They are not responding to anything. I have decided to dispute that transaction on my credit card. Any other suggestions are welcome? I have lost $315 of my money and I do not know what else to do. Please help.
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I too got scammed probably by the same person offer up won’t respond he just gets to block me and that’s it! Offer up needs to be held accountable
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@Mraihala @Mannys1 you should reach out to @Mj_206 who manages these forums and @factsdontcare who is very good with this system and can given you good advice on what to do next!

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Here is the profile of the seller:


The phone was shipped using a different name:




SILVER SPRING, MD, 20906-1939