Seller sold me an incomplete item (report?)

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Hello everyone, 

I purchased a "new" tent from a seller with a lot of good reviews. I was unsure at first since their profile wasn't personalized (no real name, the profile picture are just words, etc) but I really wanted this particular model since it blocks the sun more than other tents. Anyways, we met up and I purchased the tent for $80 originally $85. When she showed me the tent the box was open and she apologized and felt really bad that it was no longer "new in box." She claimed that a friend of hers tried to sell it at her yard sale and set up the tent for potential buyers. I truly wasn't fussed since a tent is a tent. As we were leaving she offered back $20 since it was no longer new in box. I was really surprised but appreciated her offer.


Later that night I pitched the tent and noticed the carrying bag AND the rain fly (the part that covers the light) is MISSING. I immediately message her and she apologized and said she would check in with her friend who had used it for her yard sale.


I checked in a day later and she said she would ask and I have now messaged her 4 days later to follow up...crickets. I noticed that she has not read my message but is active. I know that sounds neurotic of me to notice, but I ultimately feel that I have been very patient with her. She either knowingly sold me an incomplete tent set or... doesn't care to find the missing parts. What do you guys suggest I should do? I'm thinking of messaging her one more time requesting a refund and a time to meet to give back her tent and if she ignores me I think I'm in the right to report her. Thoughts?

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I would try a calm and positive approach this next time . And if nothing after that I would report her. Did you get her number by chance?
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Hey thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I didn't get her number Smiley Sad 

I've been super nice- even joking during our messages (tbh I think I've been too nice/understanding lol) I will message her tomorrow and firmly (but nicely) request a refund since at this point it's officially been a week and if her friend hasn't found the stuff then I don't think it's going to show up 

I just had this happen to me today. I bought a stroller and it’s missing some parts to get the front wheels to stay on. I don’t know what to do. She won’t respond to my messages


If purchased "in-person"...nothing OU can do for you. The deal is done once the $$$ is exchanged. Take it as a lessoned learned and next time, fully inspect the item(s) before handing over the $$$.


If purchased via using OfferUp's shipping method, file a Buyer Protection Claim.