Sellers are dodging reviews

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I recently purchased a car from a seller. After what I had assumed has closed our deal, he pulled up to my house drunk and demanded more money. Afterwards he marked the car as sold elsewhere so i couldn't review him. I am wondering if it were possible, if I showed offer up that I bought the car, showing new title matching the plate on his ad, could I then be allowed to review the individual. This happened before when I purchased a laptop, the individual was an hour late and the laptop was in need of a cleaning. Knowing he was wrong he marked the item sold elsewhere. There has to be a way to negatively review the sellers so that others are aware of who they are dealing with. Maybe make the comments availible to see as well. Just a thought
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Hi @Lilwalter,
Don't sweat over reviews. I have over 40+ or so sales but only have around 25 reviews. On my Ebay account even less reviews compared to number of sales.
Never forget you are here to make money so reviews are more like frosting on the cake.
even if you were able to leave a review it would only be a negative star review because OfferUp doesn't show any written reviews. That's a tricky thing for them to do to mark it sold someplace else getting out of a bad review! Maybe someone can look into fixing that somehow
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@BrightMoonstone might be psychic. We're working on something to better our rating experience Smiley Happy

That would be much appreciated @Mj_206