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Why is it when you say price is firm people try & talk you down ? Not selling an item for nothing or giving it away.
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@Gatorbait15 yep, it’s just part of human behavior, every wants the best deal they can get, even if it’s free lol, I really don’t mind it anymore, at first it did from the 50$ items getting an offer for 10$, so I have 90% of my items at firm now, yes you still get low offers just don’t take it personal, ether say no thanks, or counter offer. I’ve had one guy give me a really low offer when it’s firm, ending up getting what I really wanted. It’s in the pricing, I adjustable my prices taking in account for low prices.
Gatorbait15 Hang in there.,👍😎🇬🇧
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@Gatorbait15, people trying their best to get better price. That is why I always raise $10 - $30 more than what I want to get, that way I can be gracious and give them big discounts of $10 to $30 depends on item posted.