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Someone purchase something from me through offer up and usually offer up only charges a service fee of 9.9% and this time they charged 1.99 service fee on a 8 dollar item !!!

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Same here ?!?!? I sell an item for $5 and pay 1.99 fee?!? I’m only making $3 how is that fair? I have dozens of items under $10 now there will be little to no profit for myself... I don’t mind shipping with USPS or even UPS but why are they charging such a high %.. on $5 it’s 40% wtf?
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That just happened to me also!
No clue what is going on.
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That’s weird ...And not really worth selling low price items if they’re charging 1.99 instead of the 9.9%
Yeah I was just coming on here to mention this. New offerup rule on shipping. 9.9% service fee. Has a minimum charge of $1.99 now though. Again big offerup change with no notice. First they raised the % up to 9.9 without telling us. Then they changed the shipping company to UPS. Changing all the weight classes without telling us. Now the hit the sellers with a minimum $1.99 charge. Not worth selling anything under $20 now. I guess offerup doesn’t realize we were all you it instead of eBay because it was cheaper for sellers and used to have best shipping rates. Might be time to switch to eBay, where they won’t nickel and dime use to no money!!
Thanks for this answer. This makes it pointless to sell my $2 comics or such. I literally make a penny. I noticed this today when a book got an offer and my profit was gonna be a penny. I felt bad saying no so I just took the penny profit even tho I’m losing money after the box’s cost because again, a penny.
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What in the world? So now i cant even sell the cheapo stuff that eould ship at 8oz usps!!
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Is this only shown once the offer is accepted? I dont see it on the terms at the end of the listing where it shows 9.9%?
When you get a offer for shipping. It normally would say “offer price”. Then “Service fee (9.9%)”. Then show you “payment you receive”. Something along them lines. Now if your item is under $20. At the service fee part, it changes to just say “service fee”. But anything over the $20 it still says “service fee (9.9%)”
And before they changed the shipping company the smallest shipping class would print a label for up to 15oz now it’s down to 8oz. The cost did drop from $5 to $3, but I now have to change my 100+ sale items to different classes because they changed all the classes in this manner.
“Thenewestrant”- that’s how I noticed the change too. I had s pair of Jeans posted for $4. Offer came in for $3 plus prepaid shipping. Service fee at a ridiculous $1.99. Leaving me with $1.01. I didn’t want to drop the sale either. I have a package to take to ship already anyway, but that fee sucks! Does anyone know if eBays 10% service fee has a minimum charge? I may be moving my stuff to there.