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Has anyone noticed that the $7 shipping class says for items .5-3lbs, yet prints you a label for only 2lbs. Not sure if offerup knows about this. I’ve messaged them, but no answer one it.
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Thanks, I thought I would hang on a bit a sell out whatever I could still ship usps
If it weighs less than 8oz, it is almost always low cost for me ($5-15) looks like I am officially done here. I will use them for free marketing and keep directing my sales elsewhere until they charge for listings.
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Same here most of my items are less than $15 so this $1.99 fee is affecting me a lot because I’m getting very little money out of it

Per @Mj_206 

"The $1.99 is only for items under $20, and is a singlw flat rate. Items under $20 will only see a $1.99 charge, and not a %."

Why are they charging the new service fee
Yep, Craig’s list is still free...
Yep , you hit it right on the head... Craig’s or enay
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I agree! On a $5 poster item as well. $1.99 is excessive. What happened to the 10% fee?!
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Same here ?!?!? I sell an item for $5 and pay 1.99 fee?!? I’m only making $3 how is that fair? I have dozens of items under $10 now there will be little to no profit for myself... I don’t mind shipping with USPS or even UPS but why are they charging such a high %.. on $5 it’s 40% wtf?
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Same here!
I had so many listings.
I took everything under $20 off shipping.
Maybe if enough people stop shipping, this ridiculous fee will stop!?