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Jist noticed this today when I seen the deposit to my bank for $1.01. WHAT THE BLOODY HELLZZZ!!?? I only accepted the offer for $3 thinking I would get $2.70 from it. I'm going to delete everything i have for sale on here now. I was really excited to see the shipping fees lowered but they turn around and BLINDLY ROB us sellers without any sort of notice about this new service fee? No thanks. I'll stick to mercari and fee pay, at least you only pay 10%, even if the shipping is included, it's still cheaper than $2 per transaction. Goodbye offerup.
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Actually, no I'm not going to delete my items. Instead I'm going to price everything at $20 or more and tell every single potential buyer about offerup robbing us and tell them to go check out my stuff on mercari with much cheaper prices which has free shipping too, I might start posting stuff I dont even have just to get more views and traffic to my mercari page. This really has me ticked off and offerup is going to pay, they will go under fast. No one in their right mind is going to sell anything on here for less than $15 MINIMUM with that insanely high service fee. They just started robbing us without notice and I'm thinking a class action lawsuit may be coming to them in the near future.
We all have to fight the minimum fee charge. Only way we can change it. As for a lawsuit. Offerup has themselves covered. They said in a complaint back when they raised their service fee to 9.9. That we as sellers agree to it when we accept the offer. I do agree it’s shady for offerup to make changes without a decent amount of heads up. But they cover themselves that way. Ultimately if you didn’t like the fee raise then you don’t accept the offer. Same with the minimum fee. They sneakily changed it. So no one noticed until you get a offer for under $20 and the offer says $1.99 fee instead of 9.9%. Again you now make the decision to accept it or not. Very poor way to do business
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I totally agree, to go from the 9.9% to 20%, will drive a lot of offerup customers away! My guess for the increase, was that they were probably loosing money on the shipping labels?
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Insane company drive fees up 8% to 10% and shipping cost up
And shipping charges doesn’t even match Labels you pay 7 $ now for 3 pounds your label says 2 pounds . And how about those fees of 2$ for 3$ item
Thank you OfferUp you on the road to drive a lot of people away, those who actually make you money from online sales . And how about the new update which reset OfferUp to stat every time you switch between apps
Stop messing thing up
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Yp they did it again
I canceled about 20 sales because of that fee , thank you OfferUp you got as greedy as any other corporation and more
eBay now looks good
You did it
I did find out from offerup that the $7 label that says 2lbs at the top of the label is actually still good for up to 3lbs. That comes from a support person on there end. I’m not sure if we can verify it with UPS. But I have ship close to 3 lbs with that label and didn’t have a issue.
I’ll be checking in on Mercari selling app. As of now they are flat 10% service fee. I’m also trying ebay. I have sold a few items that I already had listed for under $20. The $1.99 minimum fee sucks. But I didn’t remove all my items yet. I won’t be posting anything new under $20. Even all my new higher priced items I’ll try on the other sites first. Very sad I was doing well selling on offerup. Shame they are blowing it. All the ads they make money from are bad enough to look at all the time.
I made my first 2 sales on Mercari. But the more I use the more BS fees I notice they have too. If you offer “free shipping” on there, they charge you the 10% fee on the shipping cost that you are paying. My first payment came in. But it gets deposited to a Mercari account. You can either spend it on the site or pay $2 to transfer the money to your bank. These fees are terrible.
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10% was just a new status quo... just a few months ago I was seething mad that they raised the fee from 7%. I hope OfferUp sees this because I’m going to use them to advertise only and sell via PayPal or direct them to marketplace. They are getting nothing more from me until this fee is gone. I just got charged 40%!!!! I’m so 😡