Services and stores abuse the app should be charged to post here or removed

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what im seeing in my area is the most abusive users of this app are #1 most abusive users are by far tire stores, they repost their ads that show nothing but a truck parked in front of their stire, the post for $1 to manipulate search results, they show their address and phone number in every single post!  No matter how many times they are reported nothing changes. 


i tthink that theyve reached a point now that tgey need to be removed or they should be charged a fee for each post and treated like the ads that are posted here through links. They are no different than Walmart or Newegg etc.. that pay to post their ads.


I honestly wouldnt have any problem with them if they followed the rukes but they have dominated this app for way too long and every post breaks every rule possible, the have tsken advantage if a good thing and dont seem to care about anyone but them self. i ssay end the free ride and charge anybidy who owns a legitimate business with a stire that has business address and hours if operation. They are ruining this app fir tfir the rest of us who post a few things a day, our utems just get pushed out if view constantly reposting every hour.


#2 most abusive are these SERVICES that arrnt even supposed to be here in the first place! Not only prohibited but they practice the same as the tire stores, shiw phone and address in their pictures or disguised with symboks between the number groups, post multiple duplicates constantly hour on the hour. Let them oost but charge fir each post just like other stores pay but iffer a local reduced and limited area fee. allowing their services to post in a 30 mile, 20 mile or 10 mile area and charge them a fee based on the coverage. or permanenty remove them!


i have not seen this tyoe of abuse with any pawn shops or other local stores, which is why i specified tire shops and all services like window tinting, mobile mechanics, carpeting, and landscaping. Why these groups tend to think they should take advantage of this app in such a commanding fashion is beyond me. You would think that tgey woukd be thankfull its even a available and try to not create a wave or even breake any rules to ensure they can continue to post freely.


the real problem is offer up is not enforcing their rukes and needs to remove tgese repeat suoer abusers or better yet take advantage if this problem by simply charging stores and businesses for each post! let them post theur address and phine and nit rrequire any actual items to be posted and they wont need to manipulate search by posting for $1 - $2 - $3 etc.. on items they charge $250 to $2000.


i cancant be the only one who is sick and tired of seeing hubdreds of useless posts that have nithing posted other than an ad for their location.


This is a great opportunity fir offer up to make money off these abusers who are just asking for it.

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I agree with the abuse of adds especially the free adds with the **bleep** free phones or item not free make offer. I feel if it's not free don't put it in the free items window. I'm a struggling single dad and like to make an occasional hustle here and there so I look for free items restore or repair them and resell them but if it's not free why waist my time and effort that's why the page says free items.
For my areas it's the people who buy. junk cars. They have takin over the app! I see 3-7 adds a day from several different accounts but the same shop..