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I've recently sold my first item to a buyer out of state using the shipping option. Now, I am being asked to add an account for the money to be deposited. They are asking for routing #, account #, and last 4 digits of SSN. Just seeing if this is legit and if anyone else has done this with no issues? I'm always skeptical when it comes to this kind of setup. Please  advise if you have been through this already. Thanks in advance. 



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Skepticism is normal with any new endeavor. However, OfferUps' payment processor, Stripe, takes Security & Privacy very seriously.

Your photo ID is uploaded directly to Stripes' secure database.

OfferUp does not keep any of the personal data you provide to Stripe.
As well, Stripes' information will never be disclosed to other buyers or sellers on OfferUp.
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