Several of my offers don’t show in keyword searches

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I have four unique items, all made by the same manufacturer. I use the company’s name in my title and description. However, when I search for that company’s name, only one of my items shows in the search results. Why is that?
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What's the item?

Highly doubt it's been ghosted, in any case make sure to give it a min or two before searching / after editing.


Have you posted the ad multiple times?

(If so, it may have counted it as spam)

Is the description accurate?

(If you posted tags it may not work)
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Hi there. Thanks for the assist.

I currently have an Atari Lynx game (which shows when you search “Atari,”) and an Atari 5200, and Atari Jaguar system, and an Atari Jaguar game (Kasumi Ninja) that do not show when doing the same keyword search.

Thanks again!
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Oh, I forgot to add that I have not posted them multiple times.