Sharing to Facebook issues

Level 3
I used the "Share" feature on OfferUp to post some items I'm selling here, in one of my Facebook groups I use as a marketplace as well. I seen my ad/link to OfferUp on Facebook right as I was confirming the FB post. Once I confirmed post on FB, I was redirected to OfferUp. I shared a few more items from OfferUp to my FB, got out of OfferUp and went back to FB to check out the ads..... And they are nowhere to be found!!?!?! Anyone else have this problem?
Community Manager

Welcome, @Ms_Ryan! It sounds like you may have possibly opened a new account. Have you reached out to our Care team yet?

Level 3
Opened a new account with who/where? A new FB account? A new OfferUp account? I'm confused on what you are saying.