Shipping Label Lighter than Shipped Package

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Thanks for the info...much appreciated..... Seriously, 30 days?  Wow.....


"30 days" is only for 1st shipped transaction. As your reputation builds up as a "shipper", the payment delays will get shorter and you can also opt to pay for the "fast deposit" feature as well.


The reason for the long delay is a risk assessment/security measure

 as to deter potential fraud.

Hello, I recently sent an action figure to someone and was charged $10 even though I printed out the label. Is this normal that the seller has to come out of pocket to pay for packaging fees?
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No, who charged you, offerup or ups? The shipping is paid by buyer.
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If the weight is higher then what the buyer paid for, at UPS you are able to pay any additional weight fee. This information is posted on the UPS Q&A
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Sorry I was wrong!! The post office can add postage but not the UPS store. I was dropping off packages and asked the employees who then informed me of the guidelines, I’m sorry I would delete the incorrect reply but I don’t see any options.
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Thanks for info. Still haven't shipped-yet. The more questions & responses like yours help educate me bit by bit. Do you weigh your items on a regular scale at home prior to shipping? Do you stay prepared with shipping materials at home? If you're weighing at home to determine shipping costs and labels etc...does this alter your price if shipping is too high? Just curious as you seem to bf e pretty savvy about the shipping info. @L11