Shipping Nationwide feature is gone

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sorry to sound dense, but what is merc? 

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Mercari is another selling app.

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Why not integrate with PayPal as an option for payment and shipping. Offer up could still charge let's say a final value fee commission. Paypal is safe and known around the world with many subscribers.
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I don't have the option for shipping how do I enabled it
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Good to know. I am seeing more negatives on offerup shipping then positives. Hopefully Letgo can do a better job if they go the shipping route.

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Thank would make offerup charge higher fees. They are making money off the shipping discount from the flat fee rate they charge buyers.

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Is it out of beta testing yet? Because I've been using it for a couple of months and it just spontaneously disappeared this morning. It looks like I can buy from sellers who shipped but as a seller myself all of a sudden the shipping feature has disappeared from my listings. I sold items just yesterday that I'm shipping today so I'm not sure what the problem is. I've made more than a half a dozen shipped sales here on OfferUp in the past month alone and things seem to have been going very good. I have the latest version of the app and I'm fully verified with perfect feedback. Is it some kind of Lottery as to who can sell with shipping and who cannot? Or is there some kind of limit that I hit as far as number of items or deposits I can get in a month? I can't find any info on this anywhere and I'm a little bit disappointed because things have been going so well and all of a sudden poof it's gone.
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Shipping is gone for me too! @Mj_206 help!!!
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Yup I noticed that too it was gone for me yesterday but I see someone posting new items and they have shipping activated so I don’t know why I can’t ship
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Updated the app,still not able to select it. Although any previous listings still show shipping. Hope customer support responds quickly.

Edited: c/s canned response. Update -logout- restart - switch wifi, etc none of which helped.