Shipping Nationwide feature is gone

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maybe it's just me but it seems a little less distressing now that I know I'm not the only one. LOL
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I was thinking the same thing. At least we know we're not alone in this
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Anyone still having these issues?
Im in the same boat! Ive sold and shipped several items and now wham, all of a sudden Im just local. Smiley Sad

(I can still purchase items needing to be shipped, but can no longer sale.) 😳😭😭
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Customer service says "awareness of the problem, let us know if it resolved itself". Day 3, still no update. I don't even sell items locally anymore. least it wasnt something I did, I guess. 🙄
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@RevivalGypsy I notified the iOS developers yesterday of this issue
while giving feedback to the iOS developers after reading this thread. I’m also having this issue but I’m using the testing app. I’ve also checked my wife’s iPhone she still has the shipping option. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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Still the same here. No changes as far as I can tell and I have had no response at all from customer service. Ironically they did send me a survey this morning however which was specifically about using the shipping option.
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Now I'm having more issues. I had to log in to the forum from the website, error on app. I have an offer for $40 shipping but I can't accept because it says I've blocked a user I've never even seen. I edited the listing to say I was having problems and the shipping went away on that older listing that wasn't previously affected.

This is costing me sales and money
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