Shipping and getting paid

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You have to email them. It does take a while and the times are varied from what everyone is saying. I got my payment super fast from what I can remember. It depends on the person, their bank, and Offerup's payment processor. If people go off app to ship, they risk no buyer protection or shipper protection.
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@aidenholley it sounds like both parties are better protected by using any other service than the app. PayPal at least protects the buyer and seller where there is an issue and they have an actual customer service department to help where an issue arises.

It is illogical to provide money to s third party where there are no safeguards. I know of no other processor that takes 2 weeks to process a transaction and give you your money. And why is that a benefit anyway? Someone else takes your money and you have no way to communicate on where that money is at any given time? 😳
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If both parties use Offerup when they are dealing with shipping on Offerup, they are both protected. A person on Offerup can contact them via if they have any issues. Offerup cant process the payments on their own which is why they opted to use Stripe. However, it seems that there is no way this can get through your head. This conversation is over.
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excuse me? Well, first of all, I am very clear, Jack. Second, in case it’s not clear to you, what I am saying is that their delayed process makes no sense. As someone who is quite familiar with Stripe, they delay NOTHING! In fact, they are highly efficient and process and transfer funds promptly. So all this means, based on your brilliance, is that this is intentional by OU, apparently. Third, not sure who you are but you don’t decide when I stop or start communicating. Maybe this is what you do to others but such genius only encourages me to blather on. And finally, since it seems this matter is incredibly sensitive to you, I will assume you have little way of processing communication without internalizing it in some odd way. It’s a good reminder that not everyone is able to engage in a rational discussion without internal meltdowns. Now, take it as you will and if you are done then have a fab rest of the day.


As a stand alone payment processor, Stripe is very efficient and cheap as well, especially within the service related industries. However, the integration of Stripe within OfferUp's shipping system is the problem. There are too many "handshakes" that are taking place to minimize liability. Most of the payment delays are related to OU's risk assessment protocals that Stripe has agreed to abide by within their contract.

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@VeniceBeach I was just staying that I was not going to engage in this conversation with you any longer. We are both on different sides and it is best to agree to disagree.
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Elequintantly expressed! Thank you for your insight. I am still fairly green when it comes to any Offer Up business transactions from either perspective. And, being that i am without a vehicle at the moment I've entertained the idea of asking the seller to ship the item but have been afraid I would complete my transaction on my side and never receive the item. I think you have erraced those fears.

Again, thank you for sharing.

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Seems to be an issue tgatbus with OfferUp not paying people
I have had a very bad experience selling my 1st item out of state and won’t ever do it again
Unless I use Ebay
Offer up is trying to line their own pockets
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Hi @Vjgillette

Informed OU members are aware of some shipping delays, discussed throughout these forums, One being: Stripe is the money processor for OU--that being said, there are a number safety and contractual agreements they have to abide by, prior to the releasing of any funds. Hoping you have a better experience with your next e-commerce sale. GLTU! Ciao´
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I've been trying to thoroughly research Shipping & getting paid as well. I've even been taking notes as there's so many much old info mixed with new a service fee of 1.99 charged to seller after sall is completed. Other places say no fees. I read about the fee earlier somewhere under Super Shipper...(I think). Now I can't find it again. Was trying to help someone else out & referred them to Community Blog/Shipping. Went back myself to give better direction & now can't find where I was. Just SO MUCH INFO TO ABSORB & lots of it is outdated. Soooo knowing that everyone works very hard to remedy situations I try not to be negative. However, it would be helpful to eliminate the old & keep only current updated topics on here to avoid confusion. Good luck! Keep me posted in our place ... or here. We'll help figure things out with a little help from our friends...@L11