Shipping and getting paid

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Hi good morning, I'm new to this community and I have question that maybe you can give the answer. I bought formula for my newborn baby thru a guy here in OfferUp, he accepted my offer last august21 so I'm expecting my package. But until now he failed to ship it to me. Will I get back my money? Any comment will be appreciated. Thank you
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Please tell me. Can I change the name of my offer up account till may my bank? Will that lift the social security request??
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@Lst you would have to contact support to get that answer. I dont think changing your username will affect the request for your social.
I shipped an item August 21,2019 and August 24,2019 the buyer received it and now it’s August 31,2019 and still haven’t got paid . OfferUp email me telling me to reach out to the buyer and asked if their bank release my payment , so I did and my buyer said she got charged . I still haven’t seen a penny. OfferUp is more for buyer to get free stuff n seller screw out of the item and money
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Payment seems to be varied as stated several times in this thread. The buyer has 2 days to check it out and then 5 to 7 business days depending on your bank. Business days do not include weekends or federal holidays. You might get your payment Monday to Wednesday.
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@aidenholley Let’s give sellers a bit of a break by not assuming they are privy to the rules relating to using the shipping feature. It seems far too many are in the same hole @Sarahserna85 finds herself in and it’s not their fault. It seems OU readily imitates features without vetting seller’s information ahead of time to ensure prompt payment and does little to educate sellers what to expect and when. They flash anticipated dates which may or may not related to reality. So, the perception identified by @Sarahserna85 is held among many and instead of pointing at her as the problem it would be nice if OU just managed their business and expectations more appropriately. And no, you did not say @Sarahserna85 is a problem. It was the undertone of reiterating the timelines as being stated many times in the past. It seems ridiculous sellers should have to come to a ‘community’ forum for answers rather than an FAQ from OU if a customer service department can be readily available or such inquiries.
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@VeniceBeach I was just explaining the common timeline as she still had time to get paid. I didnt mean to offend you. Have a nice day!
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I completely agree with you. The process is just bad. I currently have fast deposit set up. My item is scanned as shipped and still havent got paid. I wont be shipping through offer up anymore the processis just ridiculous. Im only accepting paypal zelle or cash app payments and im going to ship items myself from now on
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Same here I’m waiting on payments and it’s taking to long, I even paid the extra for faster payment but that’s a joke. Offerup the only secure way to get paid.

Hope they can process payments faster, I buy from outside my area and I buy from outside my city limits, it would be cool to have a way to have an option if you want to get paid or get an Offerup credit that you can use for future purchases.
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Poster: in my experience $50or less will be paid as soon as the USPS or ups scanned it. If fast deposit is enabled payment is instantly in account. Items over $50 are subject to the whole 2 days after DELIVERY no claim payment released.
However I do have a few experiences with not so happy results. I had on guy file a claim on an apple watch 4, and offer up reversed the sale gave his money back before he sent back watch and i never received return, but after that 6 days to ship passed and no update the system kicked in to again reverse the sale and pay me in full. Well the buyer had closed acct or removed payment method and offer up had to rectify the situation and issued payment in full.
It was. Head ache but proved right. Now I'm dealing with some buyers one is scamming I think, but payment issued so base on terms sale final, the other well item not fitting ain't covered, $60 for a $200+ jacket resell it and so be it, I'm waiting for offer up to "rule" but either sale i am in the right.