Shipping and getting paid

Level 3
I'm having the same problem. I also want to know how to reach someone. I sold my diamond ring and the seller kept the ring and cancelled his payment? ????, now what? ??? Noone has responded to my numerous requests .
Level 9

@RIVERRAIN  Have you tried to contact support? As far as I know, no one here can help you get you money or items back . Only people who can help you is OfferUp support. Good luck. Remember to explain everything and remember they are dealing with a lot of people so it takes time. Just stay on top of it and keep records of everything so you can prove your case.

I shipped a package and the next day I get a notification that the sale was canceled because I waited to long to ship. In the description it said if I still shipped it anyway, I'll be paid. The customer received the package 3 days ago, but I don't see anything about a pending transaction. The USPS and a chat with the customer confirms the package was shipped. I don't want to hound the customer, but would like to resolve this.