Shipping and getting paid


I've seen payment delays for people who have had new cards issued to them by their creditors or banks.  This could be an automated card swapout or an upgraded version that some are adopting with the NFC chips built into the card.  When a buyer hasn't updated their card in the payment options, it's going to flag a 24 hour hold.  Just FYI.  That's only once source of the delay that I confirmed after discussing with my customer.

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Hey @KillerCloset
When you receive your funds, would you be so kind as to inform the Community?
Would be refreshing to have users confirm receipt of their funds after using the shipping feature.
Appreciate your +feedback!
What do you do if you receive a package and it weighs 5 pounds 8 oz and the label says 18 pound? And the picture had a whole lot more than what you received in it?
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If not everything in the pictures is not in the box, put in a buyer's protection claim.
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@REMEMBRANCE I should have been clear. I was paid promptly after all information was corrected 😂😉
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@Melissa_arm71 I am super thankful for buyer protection!
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You have everything you need to know how to be paid. I'm sure given the hurdles of the initial credit to your account you will find a simple correction will make it happen for you.
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The label always says 10, 18, or 30 pounds here. Its a commercial based pricing. You pay for a range weight. The middle range prints an 18lb label no matter what.
15 oz first class ($5) @melusa_arm71
I dont know what photos showed that you didnt receive, but did it match description?
Sometimes i sell a pillow, set it on a chair, and the throw blanket on said chair is in photo. Buyers actually message me a d ask if blanket is included. My listing CLEARLY describes a pillow. The chair, throw blanket, nor my house is for sale just because it is in background or part of photo. Not saying that is your scenario, but weight has zero to do with something being missing.
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@RevivalGypsy that very thought crossed my mind about "dressing" a photo. Would someone get the impression all would be included? 😏🤗 I think that is why I love the expression "explain it to me like we are 5th graders..."
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After reading so many horror stories about not getting paid or not getting your merchandise, I stayed away from mailing or having stuff mailed. It puts a scare in you. I get people asking if I can mail it. Lost many sales saying no. I really need to read the rules on it. I’m guessing that if I use OfferUp up to take care of it , it should be ok?? Am I really protected doing it inside OfferUp?? Thanks for any input. Where do I look on OfferUp to see what I need to do? Thanks again.