Shipping and getting paid

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Use the app. Protect yourself and the buyer has protection also. Then you are both covered.
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A. Paid $ plus shipping?
B. You did not opt for and include shipping in sale price?
1. You can attempt to negotiate or you can refuse and repost at an accurate price. Choice is yours however, noteworthy the current purchaser could give you a poor rating.
Also noteworthy I am still quite new and this is only my humble opinion.
Good Luck!
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@KillerCloset The user can only give the person a bad rating if marked sold to them.
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@aidenholley  @KillerCloset  Thank You both for the info. 

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So I have received a "full price" offer for my Indian Artifacts ( arrowhead) posting. I am attempting to contact the buyer to insure he understood the description that the "firm" price was for a single arrowhead and not a full case. Suggestions or help anyone? Or simply refund if no response in 24 hpurs?
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@KillerCloset  You let him know it was for the one arrowhead. What happens after that is if he or she knows that then there should not be a problem. 

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@Jones68 he has initiated another purchase so, fingers crossed here! 🤞
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@KillerCloset  Hey! That is great. Glad to hear a great sell or buy. I believe your going to be just fine at this.

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@Mackeda1  If she prepaid shipping then it’s on her. If she didn’t then send her back her money. You still have the phone . If she doesn’t want to pay for shipping, then turn it down. But your message says she prepaid shipping. With who? Ask them who?