Shipping and getting paid

Omg i got 3 weeks n i havent got pay
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I feel your anticipation. Curiosity here, your first sale with shipping?
If yes, there is a must read on this topic. I do know there can be hiccups. Let us know when your money is deposited. We can do a happy dance with you.😉🤗
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I am very frustrated having the issue where it shows payment was sent to me since Feb 25 yet I have received nothing !! I continue to send emails and get a generic response. I simply want my money its rightfully mine. I am to the point where I will be opening a case with the police for fraud and pursuing legal action. My transaction ID 1726397. Is there anyone else that can help with this??
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Did you already try the Twitter accounts for OfferUp?  I feel like they respond more quickly to twitter than they do to email.






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Will try now thanks!!


I would ask one of the moderators for assistance. The yellow highlighted users are just fellow users like me and you (not actual OU employees). From browsing the forums, it seems that @Mj_206  readily assists people in similar situations.

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@AnthonyPatino I would remove the links. While they are to the Twitter accounts, you cant post links that lead outside of Offerup's guidelines or the support link.

So would it be better if I just write "twitter DOT com forward slash offerup and offerupsupport"


Doesn't manual censorship of a forum get old REAL fast?  It's a dumb policy, by the way.  I'm not saying you're dumb.  The policy is dumb.

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It isnt better. You can simple say go to Twitter and search for Offerup and Offerup Support. It does get tedious at times; however, the policy is in place for a reason and someone has to let others know about it. I'm not trying to censor anyone. I personally dont want anyone's posts to be taken down. That's the only reason why I let people know of the policies. They have time to correct it.
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The point is being missed here. I sold something and never got paid. Offer Up stole my money, petty issues about links on the forum are irrelevant at this point. Its funny a response regarding a Twitter link yet no administrator responds with the solution to the problem at hand.

Can you please also let the administrators know of my issue since despite all my messagss I get no reply