Shipping and getting paid

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I can tag @Mj_206 to see if she can help you. That's all I can do. Hopefully, she logs in sometime today and sees this.

@aidenholley No animosity toward you in my post, whatsoever.  I appreciate what you do as well as others, I'm sure.  I'm just thinking OfferUp could spend a little more money on the forums to have automation enforce their link posting policies rather than relying upon manual intervention.  Seems like an incredible waste of your time.


It's no secret OfferUp has well documented abysmally **bleep** poor support and extremely long wait times for responses so I'm guessing "it's not in the budget".  BUT HEY, WE GOT BADGES!!! Woooooooooooo  (sarcasm)


Oh well, I think I'm done with the community forums here.  Reddit is better.

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@AnthonyPatino Hi. Just to chime in here. I am the one and only employee that manages these forums, which have over 450,000 registered users. There is some automation in place when it comes to content posted on these forums, however, no system is perfect and I haven't had the time to keep all automation updated. The forum guidelines are literally featured on the front page of the community, so all rules should be clear to all and followed.

I'm not customer support. I'm not able to assist with payments issues. What I CAN assist with is making sure these forums are running smoothly. Maybe I'm a bit sensitive, but those badges took a while to make and had been requested for a long time. These forums have nothing to do with Customer Support. I'll make sure your case is escalated, otherwise, I hope you enjoy Reddit.


Edit: Looking into your case, you received the following response "In reviewing your account I have noticed that the transaction for the item in question has been already canceled and the funds returned to the buyers account." - if you need further assistance, reply to their email.

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While I know that it can be difficult being a one person wrecking crew, you are doing a fine job and keep up the good work!
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Awww, thank you SO much, @ChicagoSteve!! Means a lot Heart

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@Mj_206  Good job. Keep up the good work. 

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@Mj_206 another week gone by and still havent been paid. The email I received had the response I always get “funds have been disbursed on feb25” Smiley Sad
What a disappointment
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This is currently happening to me right now , it’s stupid !
I sold something on here and shipped it . Turns out I had to us their shipping label to get paid . The item is shipped and he received it . I have no funds come to me cause offer up cancelled my sale . What gives ??? @Mj_206
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It is not Offerup's fault. You had to use the shipping label provided by Offerup to get paid.
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So I just gave my item away ? Smh