Shipping as seller questions

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I am really confused by the shipping system. I have only listed two cheap items and am too scared to list anything else because I really have no idea how this works. The FAQs seem to leave out all the actual information about how this process works. So is there anyone who has shipped something that wouldn't mind explaining how it works? SO I get that the buyer pays for the shipping and it seems to be some flats fees. And then what?


1. OfferUp emails me a label? Huh? What kind of label? Priority? Fist Class? Parcel Select?


2. How do they know my package dimensions and weight? They just have me select a very large range of weights, but you can't just do that at the post office. you have to know exact weight to the ounce and the box dimensions. 


3. The ranges male no sense. Why would 0.5 lbs to 3 lbs be $7? 0.5 lbs can be send first class for like $4, but $3 needs to be Priority or Parcel Select and that will almost never be less than $7. Especially if it is going accross the country, it could be closer to $20. So what happens? Does OfferUp eat the difference if the buyer was only charged $7 and the shipping is $15? Does the seller eat the difference? What happens when the buyer pays $7 and it only cost $4 to ship. Does OfferUp just keep that $3 along with their fees?


4. If I have a 11oz package I know is only going to cost 3.66 to ship to anywhere in the country First Class, can I just select the 0-0.5 lb option for $5 shipping? I guess this also goes back to #2 above. Are they going to send me a label for less than 11oz? Are they going to send a Priority label even though First Class would work? I guess this also goes back to #1, what kind of label are they sending me?


5. How do you offer free shipping if you want to? I have seen people talking about it but not how to do it and I really can't find anything on this forum with the search feature.


Can anyone help me straighten this out?



One more question too:

How do people handle it if they want to charge less for a local sale? I have just put text in my listing that says what I will accept for local pickup. Is there a better way to do it than that?

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Has anyone answered these questions for you? Cuz I have the exact same questions & would love to know the answer.
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Lol of course not. I even emailed support and got no response at all. This whole thing is a waste of time. This will never rival the bay or cl
Offerup has special rates with whoever they get postal service with. The first cheapest one is First Class the others are Priority. No one eats any shipping cost you're paying a flat rate for the weight sizes.
You and the buyers have already entered your infomation so when they pay for shipping a label is automatically generated for the weight class you chose, they email the label and you print it out and drop your package off or have it picked up.
You can not choose free shipping because Offerup uses a tracking number to make sure the package is tracked and delivered. That's how they know when to release funds and the amount of time frame the buyer has if they need to file a claim.
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Thanks, but this just sounds like an invitation to be scammed. Not only from the buyer but from OfferUp not paying sellers as countless forum posts have shown. I will stick with local and cash only, no thank you very much. If I want to deal with ebay like garbage I will go to ebay and have millions more customers.

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I would not use their shipping option if you're wanting to get paid quickly. I'm going on 2 weeks and the item I sold was hundreds of dollars. The label was priority and arrived to the buyer in 2 days. 

That's your choice. EBay is good for some but I'm not getting ripped with those fees. I've been a seller here for some time and have built a great following of buyers and between Offerup and Etsy are my top selling places but my fees are way less here than anyplace else.
Have a great day.
@JAELEON after you build a solid selling profile with no claims your payments arrive faster
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I actually just took all my items off EBay & still had OfferUp downloaded so figured I’d give it another shot! I have a pair of Jordan’s Retro 3 Tinker NRG’s up & already have two ppl asking about them! eBay tried to charge me $65 for 3 weeks in listings & 1 sale which included shipping price I was fighting with them today they changed how you can set up the listing you have to go to there classic site unless you want to wait a month for it to sell! But I use my phone & when in the browser you have to make screen bigger & move it to list everything & must have listed under a extra charge in title and something I never even heard of but they aren’t supposed to charge you fees if you have 200 free listings unless you sell I wrote them a very explanatory email also including they never emailed my invoice last month & didn’t have any cash in my checking got hit 3 times with $35 fee so $105 for something I made $100 off of I’m letting the No bull**bleep** New Yorker out on them today!