Shipping feature

Level 1
So I'm new to Offerup so i wasn't aware of the Shipping nationwide feature. So I'm selling a laptop and at the forth step it tells me about shipping and weight so i put in all the information. Maybe an hour in someone wants to buy it but for some dumb reason I take off the shipping (I'm not sure how I did this. The item says local pickup now.) I took off shipping because he wanted to pay $130 but shipping was $12 and I got all confused and now shipping isn't there. I'm trying to put shipping nationwide back on this item but on the 4th step, nothing pops up. I've tried reinstalling and updating but nothing. Please help!!
Level 7

Hey @De13 welcome to the forums!


1st- Try changing the category of the item to something like "general"


If that doesn't help the next thing i would try is to post it up again from scratch like it is a new item.


Hope this solves the problem!