Shipping feature

Level 1
I'm new to offerup and I was trying to sell something, someone was interested but we couldn't meet up and asked if I could ship. I'm trying to find a way to allow shipping on the item I posted but I don't see any shipping feature. Doesn't give me the option.


Since you are a new user, is your email verified? If not, below are the instructions:


If you need to resend the verification email:

1. Log into the OfferUp app or website
2. Select your Account icon Account page
3. Select the Confirm Email option

If you need to make contact with customer support:


1. Goto
2. Copy/paste:
3. Select the first "box", labeled "Shippng on OfferUP"
4. Select "I have questions about shippng on OfferUp".


Good luck!