Shipping label / buying issue

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This has now happened twice. I make an offer, I get an error, my bank gets charged, seller doesn't recieve a label, there is no option for me or the seller to cancel the order. I have to use the website in order to view the receipt, and it shows no tracking number and it shows my payment method. Contacted support and they claimed it was a glitch and told me to tell the contact the seller and have them contact support. Which I did. He got no response. At this point I just want my money back and dont want to try it anymore.

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I would honestly remove the link. You cant ppst links to the forums unless it is the link to the support or the community guidelines. If the seller has contacted support, all you guys can do is wait unless the seller wants to reply to the email that was sent giving him a ticket number.
I'm just wondering if anyone else has not received the email shipping label with the new layout there no place to "view label" in the receipt so I have no idea how to print a label.
@Mj_206 can you pass the info on that the "view label" link is now gone so if we don't get the email I have no other way to get the label.
Also when I go to tracking it says the page is not available so I don't think the system even created a label.
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What I did was wait for the refund, had the seller make a new listing for the item, and buy from the new listing. The old one was causing some sort of glitch I guess.