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Recently I've been seeing prices/offers from different sellers.  Some of them mention that their price is reduced or lower down then their previous offer.  I was wondering if the seller can slash/reduce the price shown from before and after.  For example ($250 $150), from being $250 when posted, and now a couple of days/weeks later, you can update your price to reduce it to $150. So people can see the different from a certain amout of days.  Just a feature I think will be neat to have! Feel free to state your opinion and feedback about it!

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Omg I love this idea, @Createxpress!! Welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy


I'm a sucker for a good deal, and I fall for just about any marketing tricks Smiley LOL If I see that something was dropped down significantly in price, I GOTTA HAVE IT.

Oh, 50% savings? NEED


I bet this would lead to a lot more sales... hmmmm 🤔

Def interested in hearing more feedback on this idea!

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Thank you @Mj_206 ! Smiley Very Happy

Everyone loves a good deal! Especially when it comes to seeing that items you've been waiting for to negotiate with. It doesn't have to be 50% saving. It can vary from 20%,40%, or 60%. The idea is to reduce the price once or twice so the buyer can notice that it has been negotiated down to its final price, or even more! Just helps out the seller from receiving many low baller offers.  Would I also recommend, to not let the seller spam this feature, Once the item is posted, give it a few days or week until you are able to do a price adjustment. Rinse and repeat.  There might be more to this feature, but help yourself on giving feedback (: 

Edit: This feature can also help with the bump situation! Once updated, It can be shown to the front page and etc etc.

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I like that Createxpress, and I've seen it in some publications, but I would like to know how to do that in my publications? someone knows?
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How do you show a slashed price tag??